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Having trouble finding a great dot com domain? Perhaps one of these domains might work for your business? If interested, please use the contact form to reach us. These are all corporately owned and we do not provide a domain listing service.

The domains are listed along with their intended, best or former use along with the asking price.

AffiliateGurusExposed. com (Affiliate Marketing Review Site) – Asking $999

AtoZLender.com (Lending/Banking/Finance/Mortgage site). Asking $2,500.

BankOwnedAssets.com (Real Estate/Foreclosures). Active website with high rankings for foreclosure related keywords. Asking $2,500 – SOLD!

BankruptcyLoans.info (Mortgage/Loans). Asking $999 – SOLD!

Bixxer.com (Generic domain, former music promotion site) – Asking $999.

ConsumersAdvantageMortgage.com Former mortgage company website. Asking $999. Domain only, no content.

DailySoundoff.com (Generic – domain only) – Asking $999

GoGetAMortgage.com (Mortgage domain) – $999

NewYorkTrafficLawyer.co (New Your Traffic Attorney keyword rich domain) – Asking $999.00

NewYorkTrafficTicketLawyer.co (New Your Traffic Attorney keyword rich domain) – Asking $399.00

PhoenixAirDuctCleaning.info (keyword rich domain for competitive industry) – Asking $699

PhoenixAirDuctCleaning.us (keyword rich domain for competitive industry) – Asking $499

PhoenixAZLawFirm.com (Phoenix AZ Law Firm) – Asking $999

PhoenixAZLawFirms.com (Phoenix AZ Legal Directory) – Asking $999

PhoenixAZPersonalInjuryLawyers.com (Phoenix Personal Injury Law Firm) – Asking – $999

TrafficTicketConcierge.com (Traffic Ticket Lawyer domain) – Asking $499

TravelRinger.com (Travel domain) – Asking $9,999.

WebTrafficAcademy.com (domain and website, no database) – Asking $99,999.

WeddingGrants.com (wedding site). Asking $19,999.

WorryFreeMortgageLoans.com (Active Mortgage lead gen site) – Asking $600 – SOLD!

YourSocialMediaCoach.com – $19,999

Contact us if interested in any of these premium domains. Purchaser has the option of using Escrow.com for transfer and is responsible for any such transfer fees.