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Custom WordPress Themes

Did you know that your blog will produce much better results by having a custom WordPress theme? People often don’t take businesses seriously if they don’t have a strong online presentation.  We have seen the effects of a quality custom WordPress theme versus a free standard (boring) theme.  People generally stay on the sites longer and share them more frequently when they have a custom theme.

The good news is that is does not have to be expensive.  I have had people try to take advantage of me, including overseas designers who either thought I was ignorant or just had too much money and wanted to part with it.  A designer from the Philippines “kindly” offered to build me a custom WordPress website for $2,500. When I kindly told him he was way off base, he somehow was able to adjust his price to $500.  I was speechless.

We offer two affordable solutions for getting a custom WordPress theme, blog, or website:

1. Customized WordPress Theme. The cost is just $399 and it is usually completed within 21 business days.  This includes designing the header and layout and installing it if you need us to. It does not include logo design or WordPress blog setup.

2. Complete WordPress Blog Design & Setup. If you don’t have the skills, we can do it all for you for just $899. The service includes:

- Web Hosting Setup (you must provide a credit card for this or set the account up per our direction)
- Header Design
- Favorites Icon (Favicon)
- WordPress Blog Setup & Optimization
- Installation of all Standard Plugins
- Add up to 3 Basic Pages (you provide the content)

3. Fully Custom WordPress Theme. Prices start at $1,500.00

Additional Services:

  • Logo Design ($595.00)
  • Domain Registration
  • Domain / URL Acquisition

The time frame can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks+ and it depends on how fast the design process goes because there is a lot of back an forth on the header design.  We won’t stop until you are satisfied!

To get started contact us today and one of our reps will get back with you.